How I Earn Extra Money at Home

I have tried out several websites to earn a little extra cash. The sites and/or apps I have listed below have proved to be worth my while. I will be including proofs of payment for each site soon. Please note that these links are referral links, which means if you sign up under these links I get a little bit of compensation. (every little bit helps!) I sell jewelry here. If you use this link you get 40 free listings when you open a shop. You can sell handmade items, vintage items, and/or craft supplies. I don't earn money on this site, but it helps me save a ton of money when buying clothes for my toddler. If you use my referral link you get a free $20 credit that goes towards gently used and new clothing. When someone sends in clothes to Schoola they get to choose which school gets a portion of the proceeds when someone else goes on the website to buy the donated clothes. Once you create an account, if you make a collection, which is just a grouping of site search preferences (ie: kid A= size 2T) they give you a free $10 credit. I have used this site for over a year, and it paid for my Christmas last year along with some things for the house and toddler. You get paid in gift cards or PayPal cash. I have an android smartphone (Hydro Kyocera) that I purchased off of Ebay for less than $20, and it runs all of the Swagbucks apps. I also watch videos, play games, do internet searches, complete surveys, and complete offers for points that are redeemed for the gift cards. Similar to Swagbucks, you earn points by watching videos, listening to the radio, doing surveys, etc. The great thing about this site is that you can redeem your points instantly for gift cards as low as $1. Once you're logged in you have access to the 24/7 chat so you can ask questions at any time. There is also a live ticker feed that shows the latest offers that have been credited. This is an app for your smartphone or tablet. You run videos all day, and when you get 5,000 points you can redeem them for $5 gift certificates. I run this on my tablet at night and two beater smartphones during the day. You can use up to 5 devices per account. I use this site to get a percentage off of most online purchases. For example, when I needed to buy a new washer I went through Ebates to place an order on Home Depot, and I got 5$ cash back on that purchase. Whenever you make an online purchase see if you can go through Ebates first.

As soon as I can I will post proofs of payment for each site as well as basic guides that shows how to earn. Have any questions? Feel free to ask me. I'll be happy to help.
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