Monday, October 9, 2017

Last week's frugal efforts.

We went to our local Home Depot for a free project. My son got to build a Fire Station bank. They provided the tools, paint, and project kit.

They even gave him their signature orange apron in his size to keep. After each project the kids get a special pin to put on their apron. All the staff were very friendly, and all the families that participated were friendly and respectable. It was really cool to walk into the area where a lot of young kids were hammering away with their parents. You can search your local store to see what free workshops they offer for kids and adults:

My dryer broke so I hung laundry to dry in the house. I use this rack, and I can fit two loads on it.

I brought out my old coffee machine since my Keurig broke last week. The pour over contraption isn't doing it for me.

We went for a free hay ride at a carnival.

I brought coffee and food to work.

My son attended a free indoor playground session.

I redeemed points for an Amazon Gift card from

What did you do to save money last week?

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  1. That looks like a fun project for your son! I'm glad you got to take him to do it.

  2. Great idea! I honestly skipped breakfast to save money.. not a good idea, but we are on a budget..

  3. We’ve done a Home Depot free project in the past (bug house) and my son absolutely loved it. Thanks for the reminder to go back and do another one!


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