Monday, October 2, 2017

Last week's frugal efforts.

We purchased the Nest 3rd Generation thermostat. It was on an Alexa sale for $199, and my local power company has a $100 rebate. I'm really interested to see how this lowers our power bills because in the winter time they are ridiculously high. This is apparently a "learning" thermostat so after awhile it learns your habits so it can auto-adjust. You should definitely check to see if your power company offers a rebate. My husband was able to install this himself in a matter of minutes.

My keurig machine is breaking so I attempted to use my pour over coffee maker. I need to practice it more though because the coffee was very weak. Do you have any tips? I used the same amount of coffee as I put in a reusable Kcup.

I attended a free small business class at the library. I learned a lot of great information, and I didn't know the local library had so many free resources.

My son made stomp rockets for free at the library, and he got more books and a couple Fall themed coloring pages.

I purchased two pairs of pants and a nice shirt in larger sizes for my son at the local thrift shop. I also got him an awesome dragon book and a huge book of  monster stories. I resisted a cute pair of pajamas because I knew he already had enough at home.

I've been entering giveaways for things I will eventually buy or would be nice to have.

I washed out a couple small containers from food items to reuse as craft supply storage.

I put out small bowls of apple cider vinegar with a couple drops of dish soap to get rid of the fruit flies. It's amazing how effective this is.

What little things have you done to save money last week?

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  1. I love our nest. I think we have a first generation though. It is so nice! We save money with it because we are always trying to go for those green leaves and it senses when you are home and when your not. I love it!


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