Monday, September 11, 2017

Recent Frugal Efforts

  • My son and I picked blackberries off the bushes in the yard for my mother in law.
  • We made foaming hand soap.
  • I picked up a huge stack of books from the library for myself and my son.
  • We have limited the use of the air conditioner.
  • I hung several loads of laundry outside to dry.

  • I made my sister's birthday cake. I attempted a purple and white zebra pattern, but it didn't work as nicely as I thought. (my son wanted the middle piece.)
  • I also made her birthday card.
  • I took my stainless steel water bottle to work.
  • I brought food to work. One day I had a work meeting, which turned into a free meal plus leftovers for another meal.
  • I followed up on my Ebates shopping trips that didn't credit, and I "earned" $5.xx
  • I received a free full-sized shampoo and conditioner to review.
  • My mom brought over a potty chair that she got from the local buy nothing group. I'm really hoping it will encourage my son to be interested in potty training.
  • I donated my Ebates rebate to a local food backpacks for kids program. 
  • I spontaneously made a double batch of banana bread.

What did you do to save money or be frugal last week?

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