Saturday, February 11, 2017

Moment of Pause #17

I've had a cold for a week now, and I wasn't feeling up to much today. After watching a YouTube video from this busy mom of several kids I decided I could bundle up and take the little one outside for some fresh air.

He enjoyed thoroughly it since he's been stuck inside with his own cold lately.

I'm not sure why I walked to this side of the yard, but I happened to notice what I think is a bird's nest on the ground. There were no eggs or signs of birds in it, but we both thought it was pretty awesome. I don't remember seeing a real birds nest before, at least not this close. He's going to check on it every time he goes outside to see if any eggs appear.

What made you take a moment of pause lately?


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  2. I love Jamerrill. I also felt the push to take my kids outside for some fresh air after watching her video. Just want to say I'm a lurker but I love your blog and look forward to your posts! Hope you feel better very soon. Xoxo

  3. Hi Grace,

    Thank you so much! You made my day.

    I'm trying to get better. I hope you have a great week. <3

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