Sunday, January 15, 2017

Last week's frugal efforts.

I wasn't really planning on it, but I ended up hanging my clothes up inside to dry. The dryer wouldn't turn on. It's curious because earlier in the day I was reading a post about how to hang dry clothes inside and was thinking that I needed to get back to doing that sometime...I just wasn't expecting to so soon!

I composted when possible.

I brought food, water, and coffee to work in reusable glass containers and stainless steel. I keep a cat mug and a spoon at work.

I've kept the thermostat down and wore a sweater around the house when cold. I even got the little one to wear a sweater!

I've continued to eat down the pantry and freezer. I want to use up what we have then start intentionally eating better.

I redeemed a $3 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks.

I redeemed a $5 Amazon gift card from Bing Rewards. I'm not sure what to use these on yet. There is something about January that robs me of the desire to purchase things.

I've been burning candles to use them up. I find it relaxing too. The little guy sometimes does a candle flame dance. : )

Little Man is going through a phase where he asks for something then changes his mind and wants something new to eat. Um...nope. So I save his snack or meal to eat later. It's hard sometimes, but overall it seems to be working.

What have you done to save money this week?


  1. So many of us are trying to use up things in our pantry! I love doing that in January.

    Be careful what you wish for! You got to try line drying!

    Come by for a visit:

  2. The lovely thing about gift cards is that they don't expire. You'll need something soon enough and be glad for that added discount. I save mine up for just that reason.

  3. I'm a terrible amazon shopper. DH will tell me there is XX credit, and I can't find anything. We end up getting things like lawnmower belts and furnace filters - which is good in the long run! :)


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