Monday, September 12, 2016

Last week's frugal efforts.

Turned down an offer to buy a white mocha and instead made free hot chocolate from the break room.
We decided against buying a coworker's car. The gamble isn't ultimately worth it for us.
I got another book from the library. Everything that Remains by the Minimalists.
My son went to the free library story time.
I found a recipe to make blender bottle pancakes. I'm stoked to try it out. It will make toddler breakfasts before work easier and faster.
The recipe:
I don't use bisquick so I found a DIY bisquick recipe to sub.
I put in a request for my library ebook system to carry A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting by Nicole Avery so that is $19+ saved because it's very expensive on Amazon.
My coworker bought me a coffee so I gave her a Starbucks gift card I wasn't going to use for a long time.

I donated two old smartphones to an emergency organization.

Here are 17 free Autumn themed coloring pages:

What have you done to save money lately?

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