Monday, August 1, 2016

Last week's frugal efforts.

I fixed my son's plastic bucket (used to store blocks) with decorative duct tape I had on hand.

I got a free 2017 calendar and goals planner from ReviewKick.

I took the survey on the Fred Meyer receipt for free fuel points.

My son attended a free game day at the library as well as story time. We also borrowed books.

I bought a bunch of fruit and prepared them right away so nothing would go to waste. The castoffs were put in the compost bin.

I cashed in my Bing points for a $5 Amazon gift card to get a book I've been wanting that my library doesn't carry.

I cut the special filter thing from a coffee bag to use on our coffee canister.

I watched free YouTube videos to be inspired and entertained.

I donated four huge bags to It feels great to get those clothing items out of my house, and it's really good to know that it's for an awesome cause. Among these bags were tons of baby clothes, baby/toddler shoes, purses, trench coats, and some of my unused clothing.

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