Sunday, July 10, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Haul - Toddler Learning Tools

We ran into Target to get some coffee creamer, and I stopped at the dollar spot. I rarely go to Target. I was thrilled to see some learning supplies for Pre K - K since I was planning to venture to the Dollar Tree sometime this summer to get learning stuff anyways.

I got 7 work books:

Beginning Sounds
Reading Readiness
Numbers 1-12
Math Concepts
Same or Different
Printing Practice

There were other workbooks for older grades. Each workbook has two sheets of "reward" stickers that say things like "good job!" or "keep trying!"

I also got 3 packs of flash cards:

Shapes and Colors

We already had some number flash cards from the dollar store last year. The quality of these flashcards are okay, but the Dollar Tree flash cards are thicker. They also had flash cards for telling time, states, and numbers. Some of the flash cards were also Dr. Seuss themed.

I was really excited to see the lacing set. There are 8 cards with different food groups, although I didn't notice until I got home that the "meats" included a picture of a fried egg, and the vegetables included a picture of a tomato. There are 4 long laces, each a different color. There was a girly lace set as well as a robot theme, but I got this one to teach him food groups. He enjoyed doing the lacing last night and this morning. The cards are very thick and durable. Great buy for only $1.

I got 1 puzzle that matches the letter to a corresponding item, like Ee and Elephant. There are 14 pairs, which means they're double sided. They also have a hard time staying together unless they're laid down flat.

They had some other interesting learning tools, like a felt banner for shapes and colors, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $3.

Everything I purchased was only $1. If you know a way to get some learning tools for less please share!

Have you found anything exciting at your local Target Dollar Spot lately?

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