Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Decluttering Efforts.

I didn't have a specific number in mind for this month. I was and am very busy with school work so I decided to go with the flow and see what I could accomplish. Below are the items I decluttered for the month of July:

  1. x2 lip glosses
  2. gum container
  3. key chain
  4. baby book
  5. x3 salt/pepper shakers
  6. x2 spices
  7. x4 books
  8. x1 coat rack
  9. x1 pack of outlet covers
  10. x4 toddler pants
  11. x4 toddler shirts
  12. x1 toddler pj set
  13. x4 toddler shorts
  14. x1 batter dispenser
  15. x4 toddler spoons
  16. x2 toddler boots
  17. x4 curtain panels
  18. x7 free samples
  19. x1 candle burner
  20. x3 candle holders
  21. x1 pack of chalk markers
  22. x2 swim suits
  23. x1 jacket
  24. x1 bag of coffee
  25. x1 purse
  26. x2 packs of pudding
  27. x1 mouse pad
  28. x6 shirts
  29. x3 skirts
  30. x1 box of baby clothes
  31. x2 dresses
  32. x2 trench coats
  33. x79 pieces of baby clothes
  34. x2 curtain panels
  35. x3 packs of baby socks
  36. x1 pillow
  37. x3 wash cloths
  38. x1 bath mitt 
  39. x7 magazines
Total items decluttered: 170 items

I also focused on using up things like candles and bath/body stuff. I have more candles to burn, but I made a big dent in my old collection.

Next month will be interesting. I finally discovered a place that will do a pick up so all I have to do is put everything outside by 7am. I'm so excited. I was discouraged by every organization that didn't do pickups in my area. One day I came home to a postcard from a company that is willing to come out! They're scheduled to come three days after my school quarter ends so I'll do a mad scramble to declutter. I won't set a number goal for August either.

What have you decluttered lately?

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