Friday, June 3, 2016

Frugal Fun. Toddler and Paper.

One day last year my husband brought home a $0.50 poster board for our son that had been sick. For months we all colored on it.

Eventually my son stopped coloring on it, and I got tired of looking at it so I decided we'd practice cutting with scissors and cut out some "mail" for his mini mailbox. I cut out a heart, put tape on the back, and he proudly stuck it on his shirt. The smile he gave was priceless.

He is pretty good at using scissors. He helped me cut out strips. I cut out a large rectangle out of the board and made an envelope so he could stash all his colorful little shapes. He loves playing with paper and mail.

He asked for more hearts, and he wanted to tape the biggest heart to the back of daddy's chair. The hearts eventually all ended up on our bulletin board. It makes him happy, and they're a reminder of a fun project.

Have you done any special crafts with your toddler lately?

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