Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meal plan update.

I'm still looking for the best way to meal plan with my limited time and cooking skills.

My challenges are:

* Feeling guilty that I can't make everything from scratch.
* My toddler is very picky taste and texture wise.
* My husband has a tomato intolerance
* I have to limit certain meat and fat intake for myself
* I don't do most of the grocery shopping
* If I don't stick to a plan everything goes off kilter
* I work full time, I go to school online full time, and I am alone with the toddler most of the time due to my husband's work.

For about a month I've been writing down dinners on the wall calendar in the kitchen so I can keep track of what we've been eating. That will make planning easier in the future.

I just started using a chalkboard on the freezer door to write down weekly dinners as I browse the pantry and freezers. It's nice to come home from work and know what to make so I don't have to give it a second thought. And if I spot something that needs to be used up I can quickly change it.

What's nice about the wall calendar is that if my toddler didn't like what was for dinner that night I can keep track of what he did eat and what "new" foods he was exposed to.

Maybe I'm over complicating this, but so far these seem to be making it easier for me.

How do you meal plan?

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