Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Goals

I have a good feeling. I have a handle on my current school workload. I unsubscribed my time from things that are not important to me right now. It might be the fresh air getting to me! I am learning to manage my time well. I should start small so I don't overwhelm myself, but I have a good feeling, and I want to run with it. Here are my goals for the month of May:


  • Take down the toddler fort.
  • Find and recycle toddler's paperwork and coupons he occasionally plays with.
  • Put all toys in the right places. (I'm looking at you play food in the backpack)
  • Go through both drawers of my armoire.
  • Figure out a set cleaning schedule.
  • Make using my planner a habit. (to do list, meal planning, bills, etc.)
  • Declutter at least 100 items.
  • Go through my coupon stash.


  • Make two Mother's Day cards.
  • Make two birdseed wreaths.


Meal Planning:
  • Continue writing dinners down on the kitchen calendar.
  • Eat down the pantry and freezers.
  • Order prints of son and husband to decorate my new work desk. I'll be taking the old ones home to put on the wall.
  • Go outside at least once on each day off.
  • Start journaling again.

What are your goals for this new month?

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