Monday, May 23, 2016

Last week's frugal efforts.

I used my new (refurbished) KitchenAid mixer to make banana bread, strawberry coconut muffins, and mini chia seed muffins. My toddler isn't afraid of the noise so I can actually use it without waiting for my husband to be around to mind the toddler. I can make double batches of things and freeze the extras. I'm excited for the possibilities.

I've been reading personal finance/minimalism/simple living blogs, forums, and books and also listening to podcasts.

I filled out the Fred Meyer survey on the receipt for fuel points.

My husband used coupons when shopping. (yes some men do that!)

I used my stockpile of Amazon digital credits to buy free expansions to my video game. The credits were starting to expire, and there were no Kindle books I wanted at the time.

I started watching youtube videos to learn things. From how to use a reusable Kcup to grocery hauls to see how other people shop and why. This will help me with planning meals, how to use things up, how to shop smarter, etc.

Sometimes the "usual" things I do get overlooked when I'm thinking of what to include in these posts. These include using stainless steel bottles for water and coffee, glass containers to bring leftovers to work, and reusing hand/body towels more than once before washing.

I ate my toddler's leftovers so they wouldn't go to waste.

This is a big one --- we managed to cut the toddler's hair! It involved a spontaneous trip to the bathroom to show him how not scary the scissors were and a single size bag of goldfish crackers. (he only gets the organic bunny crackers under normal circumstances) Sure his cut is crooked and uneven, but we saved $20 here and a slightly scary trip to the barber!!!

I cut off the filter from a coffee bag to save for my husband's new coffee canister (a Father's Day gift). It uses filters to keep the coffee fresher, and it fits the same filters used on coffee bags.

I filled out a survey from the Pizza Hut receipt. We haven't stopped there in a long time, and this survey will save us $10 off a $20 purchase. Nice for when we don't feel like cooking and/or want a lot of cheap meals for convenience.

What have you done to save money lately?


  1. You know, I never thought about using YouTube to learn money saving tips on grocery shopping. Interesting idea!
    That is a nice Pizza Hut coupon. We filled out a survey once and were surprised the manager actually called us and invited us to come pick up a free pizza. I can't remember the circumstances any more, but it made a good impression.

    1. The YouTube concept is new to me too. I started checking it out after a blogger I follow started posting more of her videos on her blog. (Blissful and Domestic) There is a wealth of information to be learned on YouTube!

      Wow that is great service. I love hearing about the little things companies do to provide good service.

  2. I wish I had a kitchen aid. How fun that you made all those things with it. Enjoy baking. I want to try bread baking

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying it now that my son is old enough to help. :)

      I hope you get one someday. It's proving to be very useful.

      I haven't made non-fruit bread yet, but it's on my list to do. I'd love to be able to make it instead of paying $3+ for one loaf at the store.


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