Thursday, May 26, 2016

Frugal Fun. Toddler Spaghetti Craziness.

Um, yes. That is a ton of spaghetti on my kitchen floor. I was cleaning out my pantry and came across some very old spaghetti noodles that weren't suitable to eat.
So instead of throwing them away I thought I would present them to my toddler in a big bowl to see what he would do.
I got this idea from a blog post somewhere. The blogger gave her kids an old bag of flour to play with outside. I remember the picture of her kids covered in flour. They had a great time.
At first I helped him break the noodles in half. Then he started putting them into a small box. Then into a gallon ziploc bag.
Not only did he get in some good sensory play he was thoroughly entertained for a long time, and I got some good pictures to show the grandmothers!

So if you have some old foodstuff that could be a potential toy consider giving it to your toddler for some screen-free fun.

I also have some dry oats that I'll bring outside when the weather gets warmer for him to toss around.

Has your little one played with food lately?

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