Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Financial Goals for 2015

My husband and I are not high earners so my goals might not seem like a big deal to you. We are both searching for better jobs, but in the meantime my goals are based off of what we currently make.
  1. Save 3 months worth of expenses. We already have 1 1/2 months saved.
  2. Pay off 3k medical bill. (on an interest free payment plan)
  3. Pay off $1,100 home maintenance bill. (on an interest free payment plan)
  4. Buy a new used car. (with the help of trading in our current 1995 car and selling our old dead car probably for scrap)
  5. Open Roth IRAs for both of us. If not both than just my husband, and I'll bump up my currently 4% 401k contribution.
We don't have student loans or credit card debt. We don't have cable. We have one 1995 car (bought with cash) that's seen better days. I just started my 401k at the end of December. I immediately signed up for the 4% because that's what the company match is. Once some of the above goals are reached I'll bump it up.

We will be getting a tax refund this year. I'm hoping it makes a big dent in my goals. I'm researching some side hustles to enable more cash flow as well as ways to lower our expenses further. On the list so far is:

  • Republic Wireless. We're deciding on a phone (buying used on Ebay) to try the service out. If we both like it we will switch, potentially saving ~$48 a month.
  • Getting a different car that gets better gas mileage and doesn't require premium fuel.
  • Preparing meals in advance to hopefully stop my husband from buying as much takeout and convenience food.
  • Lowering the thermostat and using a space heater in the bedroom with the baby.
  • Eating out of our pantry and freezer.
  • Look into being a virtual assistant.

So this will be an exciting and fulfilling year.

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